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Imagine Design Create - The Wood Evolution Story

It all started with a coaster. No plan, no workshop, no customers, just a bunch or wood cutoffs, some resin and a chop saw. We decided to make coasters, recycled wood coasters. Much to our surprise, the coasters were a hit, they sold out at almost every market, and our little two people operation started to evolve. We got a space for a workshop in Tempe Arizona, built a small wood shop, and started creating all the designs we could imagine.

Whether its a coaster or a dining room table, our goal at Wood Evolution is to design one of a kind pieces that will complement any style of home.

Shop our collections and find  that special piece that's perfect for your home!


Arizona Highways

Wood Evolution on Arizona Highways
Featured collection

Olive Wood - 33°32'23"N 112°04'25"W